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1950s memories

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McHugh Family

Bernard McHugh

Bernard in family wedding

John McHugh
(1963 - 2010)

Uncle Paddy McHugh and Family

Shanahan Wedding (1 of 2)

Shanahan Wedding (2 of 2)

McCann Family

Mary Louise McCann (nee Dodd)

Bea McCann

Bea & Lily McCann

Elizabeth (Lily) McCann

Bea graduates Boonton High School
Nora Embley (nee McCann) and her daughter Patricia

(l. to r.: Pat McCann, Michael McCann, Bridget McCann (Michaels wife) and John McCann

Helen (Sr. Marian Therese), Mike and Pat McCann
Mike McCann's daughters

Son James, Father John and son Patrick McCann
Florence Glancy (nee McCann)
Tommy Glancy (Florence's husband)
Mary Louise McCann (John and Mary's daughter - died very young)
Paternal Great grandfather (James M'Cann) cutting capers in North Africa (Boer War)
Patrick Francis McCann
the Dodd Family (Patrick on left, Annie, ?)
Michael and Bridget's Wedding circa 1913